With the use of new media,

one can easily rewrite and reword the most various scenes.

Such a design approach can be mixed with some kind of civil street-art,

as it shows how differently people can think about the same place.

The Hack The Town project

would like to motivate designers, communities, and creative forces to think and create together an art project,
meanwhile, draws attention to their surroundings.

Classical Scenes


Urban Areas

The theme can be a famous classical place, agora, or a simple, cheap, abandoned urban place. One can add these places some kind of surreal element or improve the small urban place with a unique design and idea.

On the one hand, hacking a historical scene can free the strict rules and approaches, on the other hand, hacking a poor urban area can draw attention to these abandoned places.

Therefore, this project can show an approach, which is based on shared knowledge, creativity, open design and a democratized future.


Creative Net

A kind of creative net can be created,

which unites a wide range of knowledge, and standpoints.

The main task is to motivate people and communities to design and use a kind of new media and express their opinion or creativity, meanwhile, they can also create a completely new visual world.


virtual Design





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